Buying and selling

Quality Icelandic fishproducts

The main operation of Bacco Seaproducts is the buying and selling of high quality Icelandic fishproducts. We co-operate with various Icelandic producers and offer a broad selection of products under our own quality controlled brand name – IceFish.



Various products

Frozen and salted

We export all main fish species from Iceland, such as cod, saithe, haddock, Atlantic mackerel, cod roe, red fish, flatfish, and herring. Our business is based on accumulated trust, experience, and reliability.



Quality guaranteed

We quality control all our ventures

In the field of seaproducts, everything needs to be handled with the utmost care. Bacco Seaproducts supervises all details of the production and guarantees the production methods of the producers themselves.



Logistics and financing

Caring for the smallest detail

To make things simpler, easier, and more safe, we can take care of logistics and even financing regarding the seafood production itself, all according to the customer's requirements.

Quality guarantee

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