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We are Bacco Seaproducts. Building on tradition Bacco is a strong and resourceful company with a passion for delivering quality Icelandic fish to markets around the world: Fresh, frozen and salted. We work closely with various Icelandic producers all over the country, offer all fish species and a broad selection of products. We are a powerful and passionate team of well-trained personnel with over 30 years of experience from the seafood industry.


Our mission is to work closely with our customers all over the world, creating solid long-term business relationships. 

We have built a strong relationship with the Icelandic transport companies and we deliver fresh fish every day by air to the US, Canada and Europe. We also deliver fresh, frozen and salted fish by vessels every week. 


The name Bacco reflects the origin of Iceland’s fisheries and troughout centuries the fish has been our currency, our work and our world. We uphold our legacy with pride.


Welcome aboard!


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